Established in the year 1869 by M.D. Sayid Husain (7 th  Generation) Running an Unani Healthcare (TAHA PHARMACY) at Amroha (U.P) is a unique destination of all the works taking place in herbal gardens and Unani pharmacies which have to collaborate and continue giving a quality clinical service to mankind at affordable prices.

. Unani medicine recognizes the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical causes of illness or health and believes that each individual should take responsibility for their own well-being. Having gained recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1976, the Unani system became increasingly accepted internationally as a system of traditional medicine. In India several institutions engaged in Unani teaching and research. Today, India is one of the leading countries in the practice of Unani medicine. It has the largest number of Unani educational, research and health care institutions. Now a days the Unani system of medicine with its recognized practitioners, hospitals and educational and research institutions, forms an integral part of the national health care delivery system.


To become the world-class leading Unani healthcare provided in India and the world. To promote unani medicine benifits and their powers to all. we want to bring it to most of the people of the world to have faith in unani medicines. The healing powers of unani medicines derieved from natural sources of herbs and formulations spread to everyone.


Our mission is to develop long-term relationships with our patients and to ensure distinguished service through personalized, honest, ethical, and informed care. We aim to help our community achieve excellent healthcare through high quality, multidisciplinary, and cost-efficient Unani medical services and procedures.